About Us

Loops Consulting is a strategy consultancy working for systems thinking and sustainability.

 We believe that thinking in systems is a necessity for successful management of the complex challenges of today. As such, our mission is to help our clients understand and solve complex problems by using System Dynamics and other strategic intervention methods that are rooted in Systems Thinking. Our services also give organisations the opportunity to become leaders in the sustainability transformation, serving as examples of how profit can be created by enhancing adaptability, sustainability and fairness.

The systems-thinking lens allow us to reclaim our intuition about whole systems and hone our abilities to understand parts, see interconnections, ask “what-if” questions about possible future behaviors, and be creative and courageous about system redesign.”
— Donella H. Meadows, thinking in systems: a primer



Our multinational team consists of seven young professionals with diverse academic and professional backgrounds who share a passion for simulation modelling, strategic development and a sustainable, resilient planet. Our different backgrounds allow us to draw upon a multidisciplinary approach to the challenges being faced by our clients. It also makes it possible to put together the team facilitating the process based on the specific context and needs of the client. Click on the images below for a further introduction of our team members.