Conrad Steinhilber

Having always sought out new experiences and challenges, I worked on a diversity of different projects with as many different groups as possible throughout my pre-university years, ranging from acting groups to lumberjacks. Following this trend, I studied the interdisciplinary Bachelor of “Economics and Politics” in Germany and the United Kingdom, graduating with a thesis on currency control systems in unstable environments. After gathering practical experience through internships in the German parliament, development agencies in West Africa and PriceWaterhouseCoopers' consulting branch, I decided to learn more about modelling, scenario development, facilitation and consulting interventions in the European Master in System Dynamics. During my studies, I modeled the economic effects of resource depletion, energy supply systems and resilience properties of product value chains.
Working with Loops presents the opportunity to synthesize the things I have learned so far to design successful projects with a lasting impact. And of course to learn even more and become better at it - engaging in a positive reinforcing loop, so to say.

Sustainable development, scenario analysis, intervention methodology, resilience analysis, finding creative solutions to complex problems.